What is Design for UX? Who’s the UX Designer? What’s the UX Designer doing? -All these questions seem to be very difficult to explain and can be the subject of a very long conversation. Being a UI-UX Design enthusiast, I also have the same problem. But why is it?

For a large number of people, the main reason behind this is-the lack of familiarity with the efforts and intentions behind the production of digital products. If you give an iPhone to use to a person who has not used a smartphone in his/her entire life, they will face many difficulties…

Be it a designer (they must know or things can go drastically wrong) or a developer (they need the very basic understanding at least) Color Theory is a topic that everyone should have some knowledge about.

From the name, it may seem that just because it's named as “Theory’ it is a lot to take in, but I have tried to sum up the very basics here and broke them down into points so that you can understand it better. So without further ado, these are the very basics that you should and must know:

Each color breaks down into three basic ingredients: saturation, hue, and value.

Kaustav Roy

Photographer, traveller and product-design enthusiast

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